Cairns Yoga Classes, Therapy and Retreats

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freshwater cairns yoga classes retreats

Yoga postures, Breath awareness, Mantra and Meditation

cairns yoga classes therapy retreats

One on One Yoga Therapy

cairns yoga classes therapy retreats

Cairns Yoga Classes, Therapy and Retreats

cairns yoga classes therapy retreats

Welcome to Yoga with Jane

I am so lucky to be involved in the sharing of Yoga, the practice of which has many benefits – ranging from greater physical ease and comfort to gaining deep self knowledge and peace of mind.

Yoga is a vast subject – and can be taken to any level – be it to improve your physicality – strength, flexibility, balance and poise;
to create greater calm and balance in your life through relaxations, meditation and connecting with the breath or it may become a journey of self discovery – through delving into its fascinating philosophy and deep wisdom.

Yoga can be practiced by anyone, it is all about creating a space and an appropriate practice where you can connect with yourself, integrate and take the time to listen in.

My goal in sharing yoga is to create the opportunity for students of all ages and stages to feel inspired, revitalised and at ease.

The success of yoga does not lie in

 the ability to perform postures

 but in how it positively changes the

 way we live our life and our relationships’


Monthly Sunday morning mini retreat ‘bliss’ sessions

Sunday 10th December 2023    

9.00am - 12.00pm

Stratford Library

Enjoy a blissful morning of nourishment for body, mind and spirit and step back into your week deeply recharged.
create spaciousness and ease in your body
Yoga nidra deep relaxation
Release stress and sow seeds of intention
Classical chant
Calm and focus the mind and bring in the
specific energy of the chant
Sound meditation
lie back and allow crystal bowl vibrations and
spirit flute to wash over you
Enjoy healthy morning tea
Cost $65
Bookings essential
Phone me: 0434 542 607

This will be run monthly, please contact Jane for dates

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

Genazzano, Lake Tinaroo
Friday 10th – Sunday 12th November 2023

Mission Beach
4 – 7 October 2024

Jane Bevan

IYTA/YTA Instructor Hatha Yoga
m. 0434 542 607

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